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San Domenico Cafè S.r.l. hereinafter referred to as "San Domenico Cafè" has prepared this website, hereinafter referred to as "the Site", for the sole purpose of providing information about the Company itself, as well as services, products and initiatives from the same or existing offer.
Visitors to this Site will therefore be free to view the content. The same visitor may reproduce on paper the documents and information provided on the Site exclusively for personal and non-commercial use, and provided that this does not constitute a breach of the rules for the protection of the trademark, copyright and any other rights of intellectual property and provided that the copyright notice is provided on any copies of the above documents and information.
It is expressly forbidden, without San Domenico Cafè's written consent, to distribute, modify, transmit, recycle, report and use the Site's content, including audio and video, for public or commercial use.
Access to the Site and its use are subject to the following Terms and Conditions and to all applicable legal provisions. By accessing and browsing this Site, the visitor accepts, without any conditions and limitations, the terms and conditions listed below as well as the ineffectiveness of any other agreement between the visitor and San Domenico Cafè.

Terms and conditions

By accessing this Site, the visitor recognizes and accepts that any material of the Site itself is, unless otherwise indicated, covered by copyright and that its use, subject to the exceptions expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions or the text of the Website Site, it is forbidden without the written permission of San Domenico Cafè. At the same time, San Domenico Cafè does not warrant to the visitor that the use of the material contained in the Site does not infringe third party rights.
Provided San Domenico Cafè gives the utmost care and diligence in ensuring the accuracy and updating of the information contained on the Site, no warranty or assurance is given as to its accuracy and in no case will it be held responsible, even indirect, for any errors and omissions contained in site material. Any decision based on such information is the sole responsibility of the visitor.
Use of the Site and navigation within it by the visitor are carried out at your own risk. Therefore, San Domenico Cafè and any other person involved in the creation, production or distribution of the Site shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential, which may arise from access to the Site and its use. San Domenico Cafè also assumes no responsibility and can not be held liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special, consequential, or computer-related damages that may affect computer equipment or other property of the visitor as a result of 'access, use or navigation on the Site or the download of materials, data, texts, images, videos or audio from the site.
Navigation for consultation in this Site does not require any personal data request unless the visitor wishes to contact San Domenico Cafè or intends to use the information and / or services provided by the visitor; in such cases, the Visitor, having seen the information provided by the applicable privacy law, can only provide the data strictly necessary for the filing of the requests made; In order to ensure maximum privacy compliance, San Domenico Cafè has been given a specific organization, described in the Privacy section.
San Domenico Cafè acknowledges that the information contained in this Site constitutes copyright whose title belongs to San Domenico Cafè, which holds the exclusive right of use. Therefore, any initiative made by site visitors or third parties to use such information or similar texts in any context and for any purpose, subject to what is provided in the Terms and Conditions, is forbidden and therefore compliant to all the effects of plagiarism.
Likewise, San Domenico Cafè acknowledges that the information contained within the Site has been elaborated by San Domenico Cafè in an original way and are therefore considered to be works of creative character of a specific nature. The use of one or more such processing by the visitor or third parties constitutes a violation of the copyright protection provisions set forth in Law 22.4.1941, no. 633 and subsequent amendments and additions, as well as to supplement a case of offense under the Law.
The images of people or places shown on this Site are owned by San Domenico Cafè or used by the latter under license. Use of these images by the visitor, or anyone else authorized by the visitor, is prohibited unless San Domenico Cafè written permission is granted.
This Site has created links to third-party sites deemed useful to the visitor. Since these sites are out of control of San Domenico Cafè, it is not responsible for their content. The link to the same sites is therefore carried out by the visitor under his personal responsibility and at his own risk.
San Domenico Cafè may at any time review and modify these Terms and Conditions by updating this page. The visitor is bound by any revisions and modifications, and will, however, have the obligation to periodically review this page to see which Terms and Conditions are currently binding, subject to other applicable law provisions.
San Domenico Cafè reserves the right to suspend or terminate the functionality of the Site at any time without suspending or interrupting it, whether due to San Domenico Cafè itself or to third parties, resulting in San Domenico Cafè liability for any visitor or third party.

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